Ambassador - Stephan Hogan

A local Northern California artist "who just wants to be someone who is nice to people and writes great songs." Positive Attitude is the greatest approach to creating the natural routine of reaching success through teaching, playing, and enjoying all the moments of life as they come. This explains Stephan as a whole and how he lives his life day-to-day as an upcoming artist in the music industry. Quiet mornings filled with caffeine to write, reflect, and review to the adrenaline rushing late night concert performance. Controlling and organizing these emotions is what provides Stephan with the opportunity to advance in the music industry as a great song writer and performer. 

StandardCloCo Ambassador Stephan Hogan Guitar Artist Local Talent Black Trucker Hat

Success through 2017 and continued attention, Stephan expresses his role as an ambassador for StandardCloCo™ through actions and appearance while you will notice his attire always includes a StandardCloCo™ hat. From the stage, to the church, to the home life he carries an ora that represents and fuels positive reactions from everybody involved in his life. This uplifting attitude and routine that he has created for himself is what has helped him push through with all his goals; currently as he waits to hear back from the Nashville Songwriters Association where he entered the songwriters competition.

StandardCloCo Ambassador Stephan Hogan Tone King Cover Guitar Close up

This year, 2018, Stephan will continue to perform locally, teach guitar classes, play live at Rolling Rills Church, and build a business of his own for online guitar lessons. Through these ventures StandardCloCo™ sends continuous support and attendance to local events. The local ventures to "keep the gears oiled" will be at Goldfields in Sacramento, CA and at Powerhouse in Folsom, CA. Also included in this year is to grow and invest more time into people wanting to learn how to play guitar online through his lessons at Tone King Guitar Instructions. Mentioned on the website that Pursue YOUR Passion, Play Guitar is just the basis of all the great things that are offered through the site and lessons. Each step of the learning process is broken down into steps to make it easier to learn and get to your goals quickly. 

Stephan sees StandardCloCo™ as a local lifestyle brand that he can represent in his daily life and on stage with his choice of hat consisting of one created by StandardCloCo™. Through this lifestyle exposure and hard work Stephan displays the extra effort and hard work in efforts to become established as the best guitarist in Northern California. With support from StandardCloCo™ he pushes to these goals with his choice of guitars being a fender 52 custom shop strat and a custom telecaster along with Martin acoustics. Each guitar has its time and place where Stephan uses their full potential to make them sing.

StandardCloCo Ambassador Stephan Hogan Tone King Cover

We here at StandardCloCo™ look forward to another exciting year for Stephan as he grows and pursues each goal indivdual and also through the ambassador program that we offer. Remember to always support the local talent and show up to his events throughout this year.

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Visit and get yourself the same hat that local guitarist Stephan Hogan wears, take some of his lessons, and pursue your musician dreams.



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