Standard Sunday Recap - Fort Rock Brewing

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Standard Sunday Recap - Fort Rock Brewing

Apparel, Food, and Beer....the essentials to a successful Standard Sunday at Fort Rock Brewing. All the details were polished and that is exactly what was created on February 25th with a collaboration between two local companies. 

StandardCloCo™ and Fort Rock Brewing Collaboration - Standard SundayStandardCloCo and Fort Rock Collaboration - Standard Sunday - Action Sports / Lifestyle Apparel and Beer

Fork Rock Brewing and StandardCloCo™ are both only a year old and located in Rancho Cordova with less than a mile between their locations. With outstanding beer at one location and comfortable clothing at the other, a realization from ownership knew an event was necessary to achieve a goal. 

What was the goal?

To invite and introduce everybody and anybody to an event where it gave the local community and following the chance to see what they have been missing out on. Throughout the event and chatting with as many people as possible, it was evident that this goal was a success with good beer and lifestyle clothing all offered in one location. From the taps nonstop pouring, cornhole bags being tossed, and showing the lifestyle look both companies strive toward. This lifestyle atmosphere was not from the companies but rather from the awesome attendees while they were able to enjoy A Standard Sunday and discover the unknown greatness of a Fort Rock Brewing and StandardCloCo™ collaboration.


Fort Rock Brewing is located in the Historic Nimbus Winery Building where their mission is "to brew great beer and share it with you, so that you can enjoy beer as much as we do." This mindset started many years ago when one of the owners became interested in brewing beer, took the step to get home brew equipment and turned his garage into the beginnings of Fort Rock Brewing. This garage brewery is where the recipes started to become more advanced and better by the batch until the talks of starting a "real" brewery became the main topic. The garage talk turned into reality when the first onsite beer at their current location was produced in December 2016. Ever since that first onsite brew, Fort Rock continues to provide the best beers in varieties ranging from A Dam Good Pilsner to A Foggy Googles Double IPA. This is a must stop place and of course bring the whole family as it is a kid and dog friendly place. Also stay entertained with other locals, multiple TV's, darts, games, and plenty room to relax with indoor and outdoor seating. 

StandardCloCo™ Store Front - Action Sports and Lifestyle Clothing Brand

StandardCloCo™ as you know is located off Folsom Blvd in Rancho Cordova right down the street from our friends at Fort Rock Brewing. Being so close in location is what made this possible as the owners after a long day in the shop, at an event, or out at the motocross track would find themselves winding down with the awesome staff at Fort Rock Brewing. Over a couple beers and long nights of chatting with the bartenders, general managers, and even the owners talks of collaborating for an event was in the mix. Us at StandardCloCo™ really enjoy the atmosphere that is offered at the brewery and fits the lifestyle vibes that we hold with our Solid Foundations. So we figured it was time to construct a new level with our friends at Fort Rock and give our awesome local support group the chance to buy our comfortable action sports / lifestyle clothing while enjoying great beer with awesome people. This is the quick version of how the whole event became a reality but we will continue to work together to provide both our followings with great options in both the apparel and beer world. 

Want to give a BIG THANKS to everybody that showed up to help, enjoy, and make the Fort Rock Brewing and StandardCloCo collaboration event such a great success. Look forward to doing more events together so make sure you stay tuned in and follow both brands on social media to see new updates and how you can be part of the next big thing! 

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Come see both of us at the Capital Beer Fest this Saturday 3/3 from 12-4 and some your support!

Fort Rock Brewing Tap List - Great Beer for Great People

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