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One year later with sales, events, and support pushing our drive it is time again for another eventful weekend of racing at Hangtown MX. Through the year we gained a lot of knowledge and brand awareness by influencing those around us to set their own standards. This leads into the drive for us as a company to be prepared as we execute our actions to create the success that is involved in the brand movement. As we have been running day-to-day operations at the shop, creating a rider development program, understanding the concept of branding, preparing for distribution, all while still making sure we are ready for our biggest event of the year at Hangtown MX 2018. It starts from the lowest level of operations at the shop to the social influence as a whole progressing together to make all this a reality. 

Hangtown MX Motocross Action Sports Racing

Hangtown MX 2018 seems so far away the whole year and already the last week for preparation is here as we finish up the final details. The trailer being packed, the apparel being printed, and of course the free decals being picked creates a busy atmosphere around the shop. But if we step back from the craziness and see this weekend From a different angle, the excitement replaces all the stress. Join us as we step back and look at more information on where you can find us this week from Block Party, Amateur Day, and Saturday Pro Day.

Hangtown MX Block Party Booth Motocross Action Sports

The Black Party takes place on Thursday (5/17) in the parking lot of Whole Foods in Folsom Palladio. Great free event to attend that consists of pro riders signing, including our own Standard Race Team Rider Dare Demartile, and a good time to see and meet both the athletes and the support around them. Many vendors will be there as well to set up a good environment to support the Hangtown MX racing industry.

Hnagtown Mx 2017 Amateur Rider Tim Scott and Motocross Action Sports Booth

Amateur Day is held on Friday (5/18) all day with the best amateur riders competing to take the top spot in their perspective class and a push to become a pro. This year the 50 CC class is back on the track, along with some action packed 125, 250, and 450 classes ready to put on a show at the amateur level. Make sure you head over to our website standardcloco.com to get your gear and onto hangtownmx.com for information before you head out. Look forward to seeing you out there supporting young local talent as they strive to take the win and prove themselves on this 50th anniversary race. 

Standard Race Team Rider Dare Demartile Motocross Racing

The most anticipated day of the weekend, Saturday Pro day (5/19) that everyone is waiting for as the pros take the track for a chance to win the 50th anniversary of Hangtown MX. The best in the nation compete in the opening weekend of outdoor nationals at our local track with drive to start the season off right with a good finish. Also competing with the best for his first year at Hangtown MX with his Pro card will be Standard Race Team rider Dare Demartile. He has proven himself for reals and feels at his best this season as he has been getting a lot of practice and racing in preparation for this big day. You can’t miss these 3 days of excitement at Hangtown MX so grab your tickets today and we look forward to seeing you at the StandardCloCo™ booths. 

StandardCloCo Action Sports Motocross Lifestyle Booth Hangtown MX

Our support for our racing community and our local Northern California riders is just beginning so make sure you come by the booth for a free decal and some information on the future of the moto industry with StandardCloCo™. 



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