History Lesson | The Crop Top

As the new || Signature Crop Top || is on the press, getting ready for print and release, we start to think where the crop top really came from....

As we all can recall the most memorable era of the crop top is from the 1980’s-2000’s as it went from the most hip fashion for aerobic classes to the iconic top that Brittany spears made famous. Was Brittany’s style a knot top or a crop top though?....Either way it exposed the hips and the slim mid waist that all girls admired.

With the workout craze led by Jane Fonda and the mesh style from Madonna being what we remember most of the crop top coming into style, let’s look into more history of where it really began. 

Fashion statement due to shortage???

Starting as early as the 1930's and 1940's out of necessity as the fabric rationing of WWII caused the shirts to be shorter using less material. The look wasn't used to show off the waist line or hips but rather to save material by making the body of the t-shirt shorter in length. 

Desirable to wear and flaunt the small T-Shirt?

The 1960's and 1970's is when the acceptance of the crop top became widespread through the sexual revolution. Leading the way to promote this "new" fashionable look were celebrities Barbara Eden from The Johnny Carson Show, and Jane Birkin who starred in Wonderwall (1968). This era created perfect timing to make the crop top iconic because it played such a role in the sexual revolution of the times. 

Full circle brings us to today as we release our own version of the Brittany Spears, Jane Fonda, and Madonna look with the StandardCloCo™ Signature Crop Top. Available in a couple sizes, xs/s and m/l, and also a couple colors, White and Grey, it is the perfect summer fit to keep that mid waist cool and the hip lines visible. Along with the stylish look comes the comfort of the soft material that is fit for a slim fit snug. 

Signature Crop Top Yoga Pants Folsom | StandardCloCo   Signature Crop Top Jean Cut Offs Folsom | StandardCloCo

Grab yours today and remember to not live by standards, but SET THEM!

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