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What/Who influences you?

What/Who do you influence?

StandardCloCo Hangtown Inflkuencer and Bike

Day-to-day the actions through what we see and do are just the simplest forms of being influenced by your surroundings, as they say “you are the most like who you associate yourself.” As we grow and morph, all the influences that we have encountered start to build upon themselves and create who we are today.

Moving form influnced to influencer has been a journey that started in January 2017 when we decided to start a “brand”. Not understanding the whole process, how it will work, and how we will influence the people around us. WIth this challenge accepted the lifestyle / actions sports brand that you know as “STANDARD” was started. The small steps led from just an idea to our first release of the original tee....the influencing started. 

Our movement became more known and the understanding of what we represent began to fall into place. With our mission statement creating the solid foundation as “a movement to change and instill the mindset of the people around us. Our mission is to influence work ethic, drive, and self-development not only for ourselves but for everyone involved in this movement. It is the idea not to live by standards, but SET THEM.” This is what we stand behind as we continue to inspire and influence as we construct new levels. 

New levels provide us with higher opportunities to make a difference and now you have the chance to become part of the Standard Movement as an Influencer. 


Opportunity to construct new levels with our team is a way to network yourself through an established brand. Hope you have what it takes to become a Standard Influencer, so apply here and get started on this journey. 

Influencer Box | StandardCloCo™

Accept the challenge and create the change as it occurs when the changeover is taken from being influenced to becoming an influencer.

Influencer Box | StandardCloCo™

Look forward to seeing you Influence with StandardCloCo™

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