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Series | This is Standard

Wondering what we are about?
Where we come from?
What we stand for in this movement?
How did we start?
Where are we headed?

Noticing all the questions and confusion on what the ST actually stands for and the full meaning behind the brand StandardCloCo™, we decided to start a series to let you find out more. "This is Standard" is a video series that is just getting started to not only let you follow our journey but to understand the meaning behind what we are instilling in those around our brand. Each episode in the series will bring you into our world and show you the behind the scenes look of everything we do. This will range from the Episode 1 | Shop Experience, to lifestyle events, and the meaningful Episode 2 | Behind The Movement which introduces the owners and who is pushing this movement. Makes sure to turn up the volume in each and every episode as there is voice over information that you won't want to miss such as the mission statement on Episode 2:

"StandardCloCo is a movement to change and instill the mindset of the people around us. It is the idea not to live by standards but to set them. Our mission is to influence work ethic, drive, and self-development not only for ourselves but for everyone involved in this movement. Join us on our journey as we grow as a company and continue to impact those around us. With at being said CLICK HERE to meet the individuals that make up the brand, StandardCloCo™."

A journey originates from Old French jornee meaning 'a day's travel, a day's work’ which explains exactly where our movement starts. We take a day's travel or a day's work and put forth our best efforts and work ethic to build a Solid Foundation that allows us to not live by the day to day standards but to set our own. As we continue to construct new levels, the movement becomes a reality and more and more individuals are influenced by the positive actions. Use each day to get better and find the self-drive as you join us on our journey to get better every day. 

Standard Sunday | This is Standard

As this series continues feel free to be apart where you feel like you fit in and reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or just a comment. Remember don't live by standards, SET THEM!

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Series | This is Standard

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