Solid Foundations | Reconstructed

Healthy growth is a must for every aspect of life, especially a brand that has such great local and community support! Since our release in 2017 the brand awareness growth rate has been on the up rise and as a company we could not be more appreciative of all the support. From the action sports industry to the daily wear, StandardCloCo is recognized as a stand out brand that lets everyone represent "their standard" as an individual but also that they are part of more with the "Standard community".

Quick growth relates to quick expansion and that is exactly what has happened at StandardCloCo since the start. Looking at the pathway(s) that we have taken and the ups and downs we have traveled, it is time for us as a company to get back to our Solid Foundations and represent what we speak and stand behind. We mention this as some changes with StandardCloCo will be happening as we reconstruct and get back to OUR SOLID FOUNDATIONS. By making this move and reordering how things are done internally we are excited to bring you along in the journey back to our roots. From this point we can operate and expand with healthy growth and get back to CONSTRUCTNG NEW LEVELS. 

Join us on this adventure back to the reason why we started this Northern California Action Sports Brand and help us make the healthy growth a continued success. 


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