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History Lesson | The Dad Hat

History Lesson | The Dad Hat

If you compare the popularity and fashion of the unstructured hat to a roller coaster over the past 30 years, then you have the right idea. Lets ta...

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The Start

Twenty Seventeen; Four friends came together and set out to create a product that not only set the STANDARD for quality but also set the STANDARD for a Northern California Active Lifestyle. Standardcloco™ is a product that provides comfort in all the active aspects that Northern California has to offer. With so much potential to succeed around us, Standardcloco™ was formed to make these active adventures comfortable. 

Year One Anniversary


Twenty Eighteen; Although being a young company our main goal over the past year was to create a product and brand to last the test of time. Through hard work, trials, and tests we have laid the base for our Solid Foundation. This foundation is what we stand for, not only as individuals but a company as a whole. Join this Active Lifestyle movement and don't live by standards, SET THEM! 

Standard Forecast


Twenty Nineteen; here at StandardCloCo™ will continue to grow and influence those around us. In doing so we will continue to set the STANDARDS for both ourselves and those involved in this Northern California movement. Continued support from those around us is what makes this Active Lifestyle brand a with Solid Foundations we all can Construct New Levels.